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Who We Are?

Founded in 2013 as a general trading and investment company, RAI Investments a 100% Namibian company established by a vision to support African markets (SADC Region) with its various and diversified needs with special focus on Angola. RAI Investments works towards the progress of businesses through import, export, trading, property development and IT. The whole ICT division will be shifted in later stages to the sister company RAI Tech for further specialization purposes. RAI Investments Cc is a basic component of the international ICT Consortium, SBR.

Group of Companies

RAICORE is a diversified business group focused principally on Africa. RAICORE is a group of companies with interests include automotive and heavy equipment, dairy and agribusiness, infrastructure and construction, property investment and development, logistics, telecommunication and technology, and information technology. RAICORE provides management services to a group of subsidiary companies which are leaders in their fields. RAICORE businesses comprise a combination of cash generating activities and long term property assets.

Group Profile

Automotive and Machineries

RAI Motors is an automotive service provider within Africa (SADC Region) engages in wholesale and retail sales of new and used passenger cars (sedan, sport, hatchback, station wagon), motorcycles, SUVs (4x4, 2x4), pickups, passenger and cargo vans, buses, ambulances, trucks, spare parts and various earth machineries and equipment. RAI Motors performs paint and collision repair services under a sister company called RAI Body Repairs.

 RAI Motors deals with approximately 30 different international automotive brands starting from middle market automobiles with focus on luxury and ultra luxury imported brands. We are an industry leading automotive retailer committed to providing our customers with an outstanding automotive experience that is delivered with professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm.

Building Future

Through the strength and expertise of our people, RAI Constructions has sustained its business success providing innovative construction solutions to complex infrastructure projects. RAI Constructions is a privately held company and an operating entity under RAICORE Africa. Whatever your project is, we have the experience to do it through our various contracting modes including general contracting/ bid-build, CM/ GC, design-build, design-bid-build and public-private partnerships. Ultimately, RAI Constructions success in this business is measured one project at a time. There must remain a satisfied client one who will ask us back for the next project and recommend us to others.


Shabakat s.a.r.l is a software development company that has started operation since March 2003, covering Asia and Europe, and has a special focus in the Middle East. As most businesses have unique features, that enable them to compete in the marketplace, they require unique software to compete. Standard software often cannot provide all of the facilities required to run a business. As a Microsoft registered partner, Shabakat is specialized in custom software development using Microsoft technologies.

BinariesLid Ltd. is Software as Service provider based in Montreal, covering USA and Canada. The foundation of which has started in 2009 by a community of experts in different fields. The aim of the company is to work towards the progress of businesses by researching and developing smart software services. BinariesLid is already helping thousands of business around the world to do business.

Company Profile

          RAI Investments
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Global ICT One-Stop

SBR Consortium covers almost all continents with physical presence in North America (USA and Canada), Asia (Middle East), and Africa (SADC Region). We have entered the age of digital technology. Computer exists everywhere from a small kiosk to a giant corporate house. Amongst the sectors, information technology is following and will pave a path for faster growth. The major activity of us is to focus on complete IT solution including Software, Hardware and Networking. SBR Consortium is loaded with talent pool in various domains of Information Technology and partners with established & well known players in this field to provide the best-of-breed solution. With technical proficiency and expertise we cohesively integrate complete IT solution. The main factor in our business activities is the personal attendance to the customers who are seeking the optimal and favorable IT products with original solutions.

SBR Consortium is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges at the intersection of modern and mission critical. We work with many companies and government organizations to secure and keep their mission critical operations running at peak performance, streamline and transform their data centers, enhance support to their end users and constituents, and modernize their enterprise applications. We do this while protecting and building on their legacy IT investments. Our offerings include outsourcing and managed services, systems integration and consulting services, high-end server technology, cyber security and cloud management software, and maintenance and support services.

SBR Consortium has a clear vision and strategy. We want to support organizations as they transition to next-generation IT infrastructure and platforms, and help them modernize, secure, govern and mobilize their applications, so that those applications can work efficiently in the as-a-service, digitized economy. Our years of research in Information Technology enable us to say that we are one of the unique company whose aim on new technologies which help humanity to grow for bright future. We want to help people all parts of the world to understand right meaning of Information Technology. We develop state of the art IT solution for people from every sector.

Live Technology

RAI Tech is a technology intensive talent enterprise that integrates computer and telecommunications technologies to provide value added telecommunications services and information technology applications for the Telecom and Media, Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Financial and Banking, Security and Defense sectors. We are committed to developing network communications, communications products and information communications services. RAI Tech is geared to deliver state-of-the-art solutions in areas of integrated business solutions, system applications, product development, Internet/Intranet applications, Infrastructure consultancy, onsite/offsite services, custom software development, web development, software and web application testing, data recovery, contact center services, VPN/VoIP services, enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, customer relations management (CRM) entry,  supply chain management (SCM) information exchange, and enterprise architecture consulting.

Mastery in many niche market sectors, unparalleled design – implementation and project management expertise together with partnership with worlds best manufactures, we provide converged technology solutions for integrated voice, data and video, data center and cloud, video surveillance and security, AV solutions, smart campus, and energy and sustainability. RAI Tech is committed to practicing sustainability, which considers both the immediate and far reaching consequences of any action it takes. We help building smart cities, sustainable buildings, reducing carbon footprint, meeting regulatory standards, renewable energy solutions, energy auditing, and environmental consultancy and emission calculations.

At RAI Tech, there’s nothing we enjoy more than helping customers solve business issues through effective use of technology. We specialize in helping organizations and governments gain a competitive advantage by being more efficient, gaining a crystal clear view of their business, and mitigating technology risks. Let us handle all of the complexities so you can focus on your core business. Our team’s diverse expertise and experience means that you are quickly up and running with solutions that meet your needs.