Datacenter Systems Solutions

RAI provides a Datacenter architecture that is scalable and adaptable, dramatically reducing time and complexity from concept and design through installation. UPS, power distribution, cooling, racks, security and management software components are conceived and tested as part of an integrated system.  Perfect for private clouds, small and large datacenters, delivering high availability and real energy savings whether deployed on its own, in a zone, or in incremental steps.
- Easy to configure and deploy
- Adaptable to your changing business needs

        - High performance

Datacenter Solutions
        - Network Closet Solutions (Physical Infrastructure and Management)
- Server Room Solutions
- Prefabricated Power and Cooling Datacenter Modules
- High Density Scalable Air Cooled Large Datacenter
- Private Cloud Physical Infrastructure and Management
- Public cloud physical infrastructure and management solutions
- Modular High Density Large Datacenter

IT Room Power Distribution
Global power densities are increasing and your IT load is becoming more and more dynamic. Enterprises need to implement a fast and simple power distribution solution that ensures that they have available power and sufficient receptacle outlets to keep IT room running and ensure business continuity.

Network Connectivity
Networks are critical for business. Enterprises need a complete range of structured cabling systems that are scalable and easy to install: high density transmission capabilities for server room or datacenter and 100% reliable.

Prefabricated Datacenter Modules: Fast, Flexible, and Predictable
Enterprises need to deploy a datacenter that has predictable performance, fast deployment, flexibility and scalability. They need additional power, cooling or IT space but are challenged by your location, timing or financial constraints.

IT / Server Room Management
Enterprises need to optimize energy use in datacenter while meeting targeted service levels. Reporting on key metrics such as PUE is now being required by corporate stakeholders as well as government regulators.

Racks and Enclosures
Enterprises need an enclosure that is designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast and audio video. A convenient, agile and safe enclosure solution that incorporates cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring are crucial.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Nothing should stop operations. Increasing power demands and rising power costs, utilizing the constraints of physical spaces, simplified integration into DCIM, and remote visibility of equipment are key challenges to ensure uninterrupted system availability for business continuity. Enterprises need a solution that is easy to install, configure and maintain that eliminates unexpected power disruptions that affect business productivity and unrecoverable data loss.

Datacenters need to keep up with growing heat densities while reducing operating costs. Insufficient airflow or cooling caused by higher density IT equipment creates hot spots that result in premature equipment failure, system crashes, random reboots and poor system performance.

Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring
Every moment managers need to know what's going on in IT room; unauthorized access, temperature and humidity fluctuations, smoke and leaks, airflow and vibrations are all critical factors that require to be alerted remotely through video detection, recording and environmental monitoring.

Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Managers can't manage what they can't see. Datacenters are challenged to plan, monitor, and operate the datacenter from server to rack to row to room to building. The complexity of implementing Datacenter Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software across functions is the most significant barrier to adopting an integrated, company-wide approach for sustainability.

From shop floor to top floor, RAI datacenter management software suite designed to collect and manage data about a datacenter’s assets, resource use and operation status throughout the datacenter lifecycle. This information is then distributed, integrated, and applied in ways that help managers optimize the datacenter’s performance and meet IT, business and service oriented goals. From IT assets to racks, rows, rooms and buildings, DCIM delivers the right information to the right users at the right time. Empowering the datacenter manager with access to all of the data and tools they need to operate datacenters that are more reliable, efficient, productive, safe and green.

RAI offers multi datacenter design plans: 
     A.   Small - Medium Enterprise
- Modular Small Datacenters (Less than 200kW)
- Network Closet Solutions (Physical Infrastructure and Management)
- Server Room Solutions
- Power Outage Insight Solution
- Datacenter Life Cycle Services
- All in One Prefabricated Datacenter Modules

     B.   Enterprise
- Large, Low Density Datacenter
- Optimize Cost with RAI's Integrated Large Datacenter Solutions
- Prefabricated Power and Cooling Datacenter Modules
- High Density Scalable Air Cooled Large Datacenter
- Private Cloud Physical Infrastructure and Management
- Datacenter Life Cycle Services
- Semi Prefabricated Datacenter Module Configurations
- Fully Prefabricated Datacenter Module Configurations

Operations, Business and Market Intelligence Solutions
RAI’s transaction management and market intelligence solutions support critical business decisions for petroleum suppliers, marketers and branded dealers, energy traders and terminal operators. By implementing RAI solutions, businesses can make smarter fuel buying and selling decisions, maximize return on investment in existing back office systems, benchmark contracts and control customers. With RAI, petroleum suppliers, marketers, and energy traders can:
- Improve risk management and limit exposure
- Optimize fuel buying and selling process and control
- Speed invoicing and shorten days to pay
- Improve fuel margins

Cyber Security Solutions
Your critical infrastructure promises operational performance benefits. Yet, the interconnected nature of IT/OT systems and their access from the corporate network and Internet make them vulnerable to cyber attacks. RAI’s integrated cyber security solutions for critical infrastructures are best in class, allowing users to increase the safety, availability and reliability of Industrial Control Systems:
- Centralize security
- Provide robust change management
- Automate reporting that supports regulatory compliance
- Ensure that only trusted applications run on critical infrastructure environments
- Protect systems from zero day attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs)

​​RAI Solutions

RAI tailors solutions for companies in many industries:
Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Building Materials, Consumer Products, Engineering, Construction & Operations, Fabricated Metal Products, Forest Products, Furniture & Textiles, High Tech & Electronics, Industrial Machinery & Components, Transportation & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Professional Services, Retail, Wholesale & Distribution, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Government, and Life Sciences.

Smart City Solutions

Cities are 50% of the world’s population, 75% of its energy consumption and 80% of its carbon emissions and cities are growing. Cities face huge challenges: congestion, pollution, blackouts, crime, debt and rising costs; while competing with each other for investment, jobs and talents. Cities need to become smarter: more efficient, sustainable and livable. Five steps to make a city smart:

        -  Vision: Setting the goal and the roadmap to get there

        -  Solutions: Bringing in the technology to improve the efficiency of the urban systems

        -  Integration: Combining information and operations for overall city efficiency

        -  Innovation: Building each city’s specific business model

        -  Collaboration: Driving collaboration between global players and local stakeholders.

Smart city solutions include Smart Energy, Smart Water, Smart Mobility, Smart Public Services, Smart Buildings and Homes, and Smart Integration.

Infrastructure Software Solutions
An integrated infrastructure incorporating various hardware, software, and services allows for:
- Reduced IT costs
- Upgrading of existing IT infrastructure
- Minimized risk of system failure or downtime
- Increased security of enterprise infrastructure
- Simplified IT infrastructure management
- Improved reliability and security of organization's IT infrastructure in general

RAI offers various solutions within this domain:




Datacenter Life Cycle Services

Think Global

Power Systems Solutions

Organizations need to maximize electrical system uptime, ensure good power quality, reduce overall energy consumption, and control how much they pay for energy. Our solutions deliver integrated power management systems that let you improve the reliability of electrical distribution system while also increasing the financial and operational efficiency of an enterprise. Our expertise covers the entire span of medium voltage through final distribution, so we can help enterprises ensure that electrical distribution system works seamlessly from utility service entrance to plug.

Solar Products
RAI offers a complete solution for photovoltaic integration and connection including power conversion (inverters, transformers and switchgear), electrical distribution, monitoring, supervision and technical support. RAI provides the full solution from the panel DC output to the grid connection. In this area you will find our complete selection of products for residential, commercial buildings, power plants and backup applications.

Secure Power
Reliable and available power is essential. Most industrial equipment today is connected and transmitting data for storage and analysis. Downtime is never an option, and robust systems must be in place to ensure operation is fully optimized, to protect business critical equipment and its data, and to comply with ever evolving regulations. RAI offers a complete range of power management solutions to help enterprises maintain the highest system reliability, availability, and efficiency including a full scope of power protection and cooling solutions for your critical data and equipment. Our UPS, switchgear, and cooling management solutions are fully scalable to meet changing priorities and requirements, and can be deployed in a wide range of businesses: industrial, marine, healthcare, and other critical environments.

Electrical Vehicle Charging
We want to help reduce environmental impact by supporting the use of electric vehicles. But it can be difficult to ensure that recharging options are safe, reliable and cost efficient. RAI provides the technology and solutions needed to provide electric vehicle recharging solutions for all types of environments, from private homes to public lots. Our offers ensure the highest levels of installation and user safety, and provide options for tracking who uses the recharging stations and when, so that costs can be allocated or billed back if desired.

Security Systems Solutions

You need to reduce risk, mitigate liability, ensure business continuity, reduce operating costs, and comply with government and insurance regulations and future proof your business. Our effective, efficient and cost saving solutions provide you with economies of scale, actionable information and even functionality outside the realm of traditional security. You can control your entire security landscape or your combined security and building management environment from a single user interface.

Security Management Systems
- Intrusion detection digital central station receiver integration
- Intrusion detection integration
- Prefabricated Power and Cooling Data Centre Modules
- Improve food safety by controlling, monitoring and securing facilities
- Improve financial performance and occupant satisfaction
- Healthcare intelligent security management system
- Integrated patient and asset management
- Modular High Density Large Data Center

Intrusion Detection
Intrusion detection, a key component of our integrated security solutions, detects and provides real time actionable alerts of intrusions anytime and anywhere they occur. Then immediately action, response and reporting can occur.

Access Control

Controlling access to a facility and its assets is fundamental for a safe and secure environment.

Video Security
As businesses grow in scope and complexity, maintaining a secure working environment for customers, employees and physical assets has never been more critical. This is the vital role that video security plays.
Regardless of where a video surveillance solution is deployed in healthcare, in an educational facility, in a retail business, commercial or industrial application, or in any other environment; digital oversight can complement human resources. Video security provides immediate, actionable information.

Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting provides illumination in the event of a catastrophic incident such as an earthquake or a fire. The purpose of emergency lighting is to help those in a critical situation manage movement and avoid injury and facilitate evacuation.

Call Centers and Data Networks Solutions

Integrated Data Transfer Systems

The implementation and upgrading of integrated data transfer systems allows for the offering of new services and the enhancement of such network parameters as link speed, maximum number of connections, security, fault tolerance, and scalability in order to accelerate and improve business processes.

Your data network is the backbone of your business and can be critical to its success or failure. Creating and managing an effective network, with the ever growing demands that are placed on it, can be challenging. We provide the expert knowledge to deploy the complexity at the backend of your corporate network with a wide range of services from Wide Area Network (WAN) Services, Local Area Network (LAN) Services, Remote Access Services, Internet Access, Site-To-Site Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Services, Application Acceleration Services and Proxy Services, leaving you to focus on your business challenges.

Call Centers & Enterprise Telephony Systems
Today's telephony systems, call centers and contact centers help improve customer relations efficiency for organizations with advanced customer/ subscriber networks such as major insurance and transportation companies, financial institutions, and telecom carriers. Multiservice networks are widely used as a basis for the deployment of enterprise IP telephony systems which support the following applications:
- Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
- Call and contact centers
- Audio conferencing system
- Unified messaging system ('single inbox')
- Caller roaming system
- Graphic console for secretary/agent
- Personal call routing application
- Soft phone application, etc.

Video Conferencing and Unified Communications Solutions
Video conferencing (VC) systems offer an excellent solution for communication between headquarters and branches located in other cities as well as with partners in remote offices. In addition, video conferencing is successfully used by the mass media for eye-witness reports and for distant learning, telemedicine and other information systems.
Unified Communications (UC) is a platform which integrates e-mail, VoIP, instant messaging and audio and video conferencing for successful staff communication. UC benefits:
- More opportunities for teamwork and collaboration
- Efficient communication
- Possibility of telecommuting
- Cost efficiency

Technology Deployment
Our project management experience combined with our technical expertise and ramping capabilities enables RAI to quickly organize and deploy teams of qualified, trained technicians and project managers for technology deployments.
- POS Systems
- Wireless Infrastructure
- VoIP
- Servers, desktops, printers, and storage systems
- RFID systems

        - Kiosks
- Cabling/Fiber/Racks and Electronics

Telecom Carrier and High Bandwidth Applications
We provide dedicated solutions for high data through put requirements of clients in the ISP, Media, Datacenter hosting etc. by offering them tailor made solutions. Our strong background in high bandwidth and high data traffic solution design over constrained channels helps our customers in maximizing the capacity utilization of the channel and improving the return over investment there by increasing the profits on operation. We offer:
- WDM Solutions
- Optical Amplifiers
- Dispersion Compensators
- FO Multiplexers
- Industrial Switches
- Communication Towers

Wired, Wireless and Hybrid
From copper and fiber wired networks to wireless and hybrid systems, we have the expertise to tackle any network challenge on a local, national, or international scale.
- Design, installation, product procurement, upgrades, and maintenance for wired, wireless, and hybrid infrastructures
- Seamless, accountable project management for single sites or multiple sites
- Guaranteed for life structured cabling systems

-  Active Directory: Active directory helps unify and streamline information by creating a unified space for network resources. An additional advantage is unified administration, single point of authentication, scalability, increased security and data availability.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Systems: The Identity and Access Management (IAM) system is designed for centralized management of all enterprise accounts, automated access right management, and implementation of unified security policies to access enterprise applications.
-  Basic Network Services (DNS, DHCP, and WINS): Basic network services are the foundation for easy to support, reliable and highly scalable network communications.
-  File Storage Systems: To create a single logical representation of all file resources on different servers, a distributed file system is used. To ensure a high level of system availability, RAI uses clustering technologies.

-  Print Management Systems: Print management systems allow IT administrators to centrally manage access to all print devices within the enterprise, guarantee document delivery to printing, reduce costs on consumables, optimize printer installed base, improve the security of printing processes, and optimize printing traffic.

-  E-mail Systems: Email is an integral tool for any effective business and must be available and operational on a continual basis. Today, most large corporations acknowledge that email systems offer the highest ROI of any IT solution.

-  DBMS: A Database Management System (DBMS) is a software system for data management and analysis that allows organizations to manage critical information and ensure operation of business applications.
-  Backup Systems: Backup systems provide protection against data loss in the case of natural or man-made disasters, user errors or malicious acts.

-  Data Archiving Systems: Data archiving systems allow for the storage of rarely used data on less efficient storage systems and provide transparent and direct user access to such data. This helps to manage growing information volumes, reduce storage costs, improve IT system performance, and simplify data backup and recovery.

-  Virtualization Systems: RAI offers virtualization systems in order to unify several software modules into a high performance server or to dynamically balance resources among these modules.

-  IT Service Management (ITSM) Systems: IT Service Management (ITSM) systems are designed for continuous centralized management of IT infrastructure components and tracking their performance, with a focus on the optimized use of IT resources and improved performance of the IT team.
-  Internet Access Security Systems: To protect the internal corporate environment from internal and external threats.

-  LAN Remote Access Systems: To provide reliable remote access for employees and partners to applications, documents, and data.

-  Mobile Device Management System: Mobile device management systems are designed for mobile device lifecycle management, including remote configuration of mobile devices, stock taking of hardware and software, software distribution, mobile device monitoring, remote cleanup and protection of data on mobile devices, and providing access to corporate applications via mobile devices.
-  Terminal Access Systems: Terminal access systems reduce the total cost of IT infrastructure ownership and enable the use of existing obsolete equipment, low capacity communication channels, and thin clients.
-  Application Delivery Controllers: Application delivery controllers allow users to manage centralized application delivery environments. In addition, they also streamline query routing to central servers, thus helping to reduce traffic and costs related to channel and application servers (especially web servers).

-  Asset Management: Geographic Information System (GIS).

-  Business Operation: Grid, Plant and Networks, Datacenter, Building, City Traffic, Supply Chain.