Enterprises need a datacenter that keeps up with the explosive pace of cloud based business and big data today. It needs to be reliable, efficient and scalable, while keeping data secure. Managers need to monitor and control the entire physical infrastructure by automating and integrating datacenter management to drive business performance. Managers need to simplify and speed up the process of planning, designing and building the datacenter.

RAI strive to simplify the entire datacenter life cycle from concept to commissioning. Not only do we make the most datacenter physical infrastructure, we are the full service datacenter solutions provider from rack to row to room to building.

        - Datacenter Life Cycle Services
- Datacenters Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
- Prefabricated Datacenter Solutions
- Full portfolio of Reference Designs
- Largest portfolio of datacenter components

Datacenter Life Cycle Services

1. Datacenter Life Cycle Services

Business issues are unique. The role that data centers play in any business success has never

been more important. Datacenters are dynamic and constantly evolving. Enterprises need a

complete service solution to optimize datacenter from planning to operations, regardless of

where they are in the life cycle. Whether they need planning assistance to align your datacenter

with business requirements, an initial assessment of existing efficiency profile, remote management, or facilities operations and maintenance, RAI Datacenter Life Cycle Services can help make datacenter available, efficient, and safe throughout its life cycle.

        - Managing many cycles of change, including constant upgrades
- Ensuring the datacenter can deliver business value and competitive advantages
- Standardized, documented, and validated methodology

2. Datacenter Life Cycle Services: Operate
How do enterprises operate at optimum levels? The datacenter is up and running, but is it running optimally? Enterprises need the ability to continuously maintain, operate, monitor and optimize the unique hardware and software configurations of their datacenter.
-  Maintain: A comprehensive services portfolio is available to ensure the mission. Critical applications receive the proper care and maintenance they need to operate at optimal levels, at all times.

-  Operate: Multiple offerings based upon our proven methodologies and comprehensive procedures.

-  Monitor: Continuous onsite or remote monitoring of the datacenter enables managers to anticipate, identify, and resolve issues faster and with greater accuracy while retaining as much visibility and control as they desire.

-  Optimize: Dial in datacenter for the highest performance and safety.

RAI expertise and efficiency in this phase is gained from our extensive experience assessing, planning, designing, building and commissioning many datacenters across the globe. We provide onsite and remote resources to maintain, operate and optimize datacenter infrastructure, not only for our products, but for every component in the rack, row and room.
- We provide the highest level of service for all datacenter products and solutions
- We maintain all of the infrastructure, including maintaining or managing maintenance contracts for third party products
- We provide onsite and remote staff to operate and optimize the datacenter infrastructure

3. Datacenter Life Cycle Services: Build
Who will manage the construction? Building a datacenter can be a daunting endeavor. Enterprises need experienced project management resources that can coordinate the datacenter installation through integration, and train their team at each milestone.
- Take advantage of project engineering expertise gained from years of experience designing and implementing complex infrastructure solutions
- Ensures that equipment is configured for optimal performance, saving time and money and extending the life of hardware solution
- Structured to allow enterprises to choose only the build services that they need

We build datacenters so you don't have to. Our systematic, proven approach to building datacenters eliminate risks, decreases build times and reduces overall costs. Installation and integration with our software for datacenters enables managers to monitor and control every component from the rack to the row to the room.
- Specialists who build datacenters daily
- Global partnerships with certified installers and implementers
- Construction management as the owner's representative

4. Datacenter Life Cycle Services: Design
What enterprises are going to improve or build? Enterprises need to develop a datacenter design that affords their business the reliability, flexibility and scalability to meet unique business objectives. The floor space and physical infrastructure constraints make it difficult to optimize a design.
- Detailed component lists and costs
- Exact floor plan of the entire datacenter physical infrastructure
- Detailed installation instructions
- Detailed project schedule
- Actual “as built” characteristics of the design (efficiency, density, and expandability)

Our end to end datacenter expertise combined with proven methodologies, robust design tools, and an extensive library of reference designs makes it fast, simple and cost effective to develop a customized datacenter design to client’s exact specifications. Whether client only need facility power or cooling, IT room infrastructure or security, or even an entire end to end datacenter design, RAI trained specialists are ready to help with unique design needs.
- Extensive library of datacenter reference designs
- Specialists who design datacenter physical infrastructures daily from rack to room to row

5. Datacenter Life Cycle Services: Plan
What are the best options? Planning of a datacenter physical infrastructure can be time consuming and frustrating. Enterprises need well defined requirements that can be quickly translated into a detailed design to avoid rework and delays. Our datacenter experts help to plan project using a simple, proven four step process:
- Establish the six key project parameters that will control the system architecture: Criticality, Capacity, Growth Plan, Efficiency, Density, and Budget.
- Develop the system concept: Choose a Reference Design based on the six key project parameters.
- Incorporate client’s preferences and constraints: Identify, validate, and adapt client’s specific details to refine the system concept.
- Determine the implementation requirements: Collect standards, codes, deadlines, resource assignments, and process requirements.

These combined outputs become the inputs for the Design phase. The principle of this process is to ensure that the right people are making the right decisions in the right order in order to maximize efficiency. A Business Need, from which is established Project Parameters, from which is developed a System Concept, supplemented with validate user preferences and constraints, which are added to implementation requirements.

6. Datacenter Life Cycle Services: Assess
Where is the enterprise now? Enterprises need to accurately assess their datacenter routinely and when problems occur. Maximizing uptime, reducing energy consumption and minimizing costs can increase the competitive advantage.
- Power and Cooling Services: Arc-flash assessment, Breaker coordination studies, Power factor studies, Infrared thermal graph, CFD analysis, and Load flow studies.
- Simplification: Risk assessment and reliability, Certification services, and Power and cooling capacity.

- Savings: Energy management assessments (supply) and Energy management assessments (demand).

RAI trained specialists use a standardized, documented and validated methodology to assess datacenter. Through our assessments we evaluate and identify safety and capacity issues, poor efficiency factors, end of life strategies, and other criticalities that will simplify life and reduce costs.
- We perform more breaker coordination studies and arc flash assessments to make sure the datacenter is safe and available.
- We offer a complete portfolio of assessment services for power, cooling, IT Rooms and security.
- A dedicated service supply chain.

RAI Datacenter Life Cycle Services

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RAI's Cloud Architectural Concept

Cloud Computing provides us a means by which we can access the applications as utilities, over the internet. It allows us to create, configure, and customize applications online. It offers online data storage, infrastructure and application.

The term Cloud refers to a Network or internet. In other words, we can say that Cloud is something, which is present at remote location.

RAI is a trusted partner that can assess, plan, design, deploy, operate and optimize Cloud projects whether it is for cloud provider, cloud carrier, or others.