Given the unparalleled advancement of mobile communication technologies, governments are turning to M-Government to realize the value of mobile technologies for responsive governance and measurable improvements to social and economic development, public service delivery, operational efficiencies and active citizen engagement. The interoperability of mobile applications, which support quick access to integrated data and location based services, paves the way for innovative public sector governance models which also called mobile governance based on the use of mobile technology in support of public services and information delivery.

Smart Government
As RAI has partnered with many Government Entities in realizing their E-Government and M-Government vision, we are also at the forefront of delivering Smart Government solutions. For us, Smart Government is an extension of E-Government that goes way beyond delivering services via smart phones. Smart Government is the use of innovative business models and technology to address challenges faced by the public sectors organization in service delivery.

Think Global

Big Data Solutions
Effective use of Data can help transform business completely. When the availability of structured and unstructured data has massively elevated, it’s referred to as Big Data. Through Big Data solutions like Data & System Architecture and Project Management and Performance Solutions, RAI can modify the IT infrastructure of an organization and convert it into assets.

RAI Citizen Life Event Services

RAI E-Government Solution



IT Governance
Information Technology (IT) has evolved from being a support function to being the backbone of business in today’s world. IT plays a pivotal role in delivering value to organizations and business users.

As part of the Business & IT Consulting, RAI offers very specific, focused and packaged services for the public
sector specifically in the areas of E-Government, M-Government and Smart Government. At RAI, we strongly believe in facilitating governments in delivering customer centric integrated services to citizens, businesses, residents and tourists on the web, mobile and other service delivery channels efficiently and effectively. We achieve this by employing a combination of service optimization techniques and latest technologies.